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April 16th 2020

A recent report from Lawless Research and Factual states that marketers are spending approximately 43 percent of their advertising budget on Facebook and Google ads, with Amazon ads coming in at a close third. Regardless of the size of most companies, their approaches to advertising are surprisingly similar. These three technological powerhouses 

even own other outlets such as Youtube and Instagram. 

Consider these options to feeding into the Big Three:

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn’s advertising and content promotions are similar in structure to Facebook’s. You can create native ads or promote posts in its news feed that provides both text and pictures. With LinkedIn, you can also specify your ad objectives and target your content to certain demographics. LinkedIn’s focus on professional growth and career networking gives a narrower niche for its advertisements. LinkedIn provides a platform for professionals and business associates to share ideas and products that work for them, and to network for further ideas and opportunities for collaboration. 

Microsoft Advertising 

Microsoft Advertising is an umbrella network including Bing, MSN, and Yahoo. Microsoft is quickly making its presence known. Recently, Microsoft boasted 5.5 billion monthly searches occurring on its network. At this point, companies that advertise through Microsoft are seeing costs-per-clicks at a sizable 35.5 percent lower rate than Google ads. They also offer the opportunity for higher ranking on search result pages due to lower levels of competition. This is a prime time to invest in this mobile advertising engine.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Ads are ideal for the vibrant industries of home decor, travel opportunities, education, and lifestyle experiences. Pinterest’s warm and inviting feel makes it appealing across many demographics. Pinterest has over 300 million active users. This creativity-focused website derives its name from encouraging its followers to pin images and products to inspiration boards. Pinterest has drawn some Fortune 500 companies, as well as countless family and small-town businesses to its advertising features. Pinterest shows great potential for rapid growth in the near future.

Reddit Ads

Reddit is a community-centered social network base that encourages users to contribute to discussion-based threads. It is most popular with fans from the 18-35 year age group. Reddit has gained 330 million monthly active users in a short period of time. Advertisers may promote their products such as gadgets, video games, and other electronics, as well as their services in a variety of ways. Discussion threads are an adaptable way to step into the market. If a business prefers a more direct approach, products geared to young adults may be sold on the website’s sidebar. 

Twitter Ads

Twitter ads function in similar ways to those promoted through Facebook. Clients may promote tweets or their own ad-based campaigns. Like Facebook, advertisers can narrow objectives or goals for Twitter ads. These tweets have a wide variety of applications, from video views, offers for app installations, web sessions, and other engagements that are attractive to many Twitter users. Twitter ads utilize the same direct and interactive approach that has attracted its users.

Twitter ads are gaining in affordability and profitability. Twitter reports that in 2018, interaction with paid advertisements increased by over half, while costs decreased by 14 percent within the same time period. These ads are a viable, affordable option in effective alternative advertising.

Diversify your advertising power through the growing alternatives to Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Let your voice be heard in the ever-changing world of internet marketing.

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