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December 5th 2019

Knowing how to optimize a piece of internet content isn’t relevant just for blog posts – it’s also necessary for your company’s entire online business model. If you want to increase traffic to your website and get eyes on your brand and the services you offer, you have to know how to get them there in the first place.

Similar to optimizing a blog, optimizing your company’s website is all about knowing how search engines function and what they look for. By understanding the workings of Google and other search engines, you can increase your company’s returns in searches, bringing it higher up the list and – more importantly – in front of more potential customers’ eyes.


Keywords are important for websites as a whole. If it’s important to put time and effort into researching the perfect keywords for a blog post, then it’s not hard to imagine how much more important keywords are when it comes to optimizing your entire website. Every page, every piece of content, should be written with optimizing in mind.

This doesn’t mean that you should just list keywords randomly, with no rhyme or reason to them. Believe it or not, search engines can pick up on those as well. It’s important to use them organically in a way that makes sense while adding to the meaning of the page as a whole.

Google My Business

Another important factor for your company’s SEO is the use of Google My Business. True, we want to make sure we’re optimized for all search engines, but let’s face it: Google is the king, and improving your rankings with Google is crucial for your overall success. Claim your Google My Business page – trust us, it already exists, but if you’re not in charge of it then who is? – and update your information as much as you possibly can.

The more information about your company on Google My Business, the more it will know where you and your brand fit in, and what sorts of searches you should be included in. Not only will this help your business show up higher in the search results, but it will also help it show up in the right searches.


Google (and other engines) are all about quality and relevance. To increase your SEO, you have to convince search engines that your website is one that matters. Another way to do that is by getting other sites to link to your site. These are called backlinks.

Getting backlinks can be tricky, and the strategies for doing this depend on what sort of site you run, but they can include things such as online reviews, mentions in blogs or shout-outs on social media. However you do it, getting other sites to link to yours increases your SEO because it convinces search engines that your site is important and relevant.

Paid Ads

While you can use these tricks (and others) to increase your site’s SEO, it never hurts to give yourself a boost. By spending a little bit of money, you can give your website a temporary boost that will bring your site to the forefront. Website traffic and popularity itself is an important part of determining SEO, so a boost like this, which can help create traffic, in turn, helps to build your overall SEO. It’s like a booster shot for your digital business.

As you can see, understanding the ins and outs of SEO is important when it comes to the health and vitality of your digital presence, whether it’s a single blog page or an entire website. Keywords, backlinks, fresh content and other strategies help play a role in the seeming relevance and quality of your website, which help increase your digital presence overall.

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